Twinkl: Should I subscribe?

As a teacher our time is extremely valuable and every second counts in your day.

When I first started teaching I made everything from scratch, each worksheet for each group in my class was hand-made (on the computer) as this is what I was taught to do in my PGCE. You differentiate your work and you make resources for each group within your class. I was often awake until all hours preparing these worksheets and ensuring they were perfect. Why did I do this? To be a good teacher of course so that my students could benefit greatly from my lessons. As a teacher in training I wasn’t aware of all the great websites out there that provide you with ready-made resources. Websites like Twinkl.

New to teaching and haven’t heard of Twinkl, here are a few facts:

  • It was founded in 2010
  • It is home to resources from Early years to Secondary level
  • It has differentiated worksheets ready made
  • It has ready made banners for displays
  • You can edit resources to cater to your individual class needs
  • It has different subscription packages to suit different needs
  • You don’t have to subscribe for a full year
  • They recently brought in a Northern Ireland section which is covering our curriculum more closely (it is a lot easier to find resources)

Let me tell you about my experience with Twinkl. At first I was weary as the charge seems quite steep to a newly qualified teacher who is living day-to-day. I signed up anyway to try out the free resources available and although they are limited there are still some great resources that you can access without monthly subscription.

However, when I got my first maternity post I decided I would invest in Twinkl, after all I was working in school during the day but at night I was also working in retail to secure an income. Now I could not afford to pay the full yearly subscription so I emailed and was allowed to subscribe for 6 months at a time which is much more affordable. When you’re burning the candle at both ends it’s not always easy to sit up after working 9-10 to sit and make resources for the next day. Using Twinkl enabled me to have successful and interesting lessons from the resources they provided. Twinkl isn’t simply worksheets there are a vast array of fantastic powerpoints that guide you through a lesson and engage the students.

My honest opinion is that Twinkl is worth every penny spent on it. The benefits you get from it whether you have  full time permanent post or you’re a sub teacher are substantial. As a sub teacher walking into a class where you don’t know the children and their abilities,  Twinkl allows you to quickly log in and get differentiated worksheets to cater to that class. If you haven’t taught a certain topic Twinkl has powerpoints and planit ready to guide you and your class through that topic.

One thing I haven’t addressed is displays, yes I think Twinkl has fantastic resources for displays and there are many banners and ideas for displays out there in Twinkl. However, as a teacher you must find a balance between Twinkl display and children’s work.

So my personal opinion is yes twinkl is worth every penny. It has an abundance of resources and it saves so much time. I hope you found this helpful if you are new to Twinkl.


One thought on “Twinkl: Should I subscribe?

  1. I think Twinkl is a valuable resource when used correctly. Sometimes I feel people overkill with their resources especially with displays


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