Free Phonics apps

I’ve been researching apps to use with one of my tutoring students and I thought I would share good apps I found. Most are free some require payment to access certain levels but I’ve stated which require payment.

  • Word families – good to help children blend words (its only free to certain levels)
  • Abc kids – great app children can practise writing upper and lower case letters. They can match letters and identify the letter being asked.
  • ABC phonics word games -children can practise writing letters, they can practise spelling, colour in letters
  • Phonics with letter lillies – good start to sound recognition
  • ABC magic 1 – good for hearing sounds and recognising what objects begin with that sound
  • Alphabet memory games – good for memory recall and learning letter names
  • phonics – good for letter and sound recognition and seeing what things begin with that sound
  • spelling 1 – good for blending and hearing sounds
  • Abc alphabets – has an alphabet song children. An join in with (pop up ads every now and then)
  • ABC workbook – good for practising writing lower and upper case letters
  • spelling bug – children can blend cvc words and other common words
  • literacy! – good for making cvc words (requires payment for certain levels)

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