Why I love being a sub teacher!

Let me start by saying if I got a full time job tomorrow I would be over the moon. However, as it stands I love being a sub teacher.

First reason: little Jimmy’s being a nuisance today? Well I only have to play ball with him for a day, maybe a week but you my friend have him all year. Good luck.

Second reason: I get to see lots of different display and resources. I make sure to take note of good ideas to use with my future permanent class. If you’re a sub teacher make sure you take full advantage of this as it’s a great tool to use.

Third reason: I’m not up until all hours planning every night or marking books. The minute I get all my marking for the day done (which I aim to get most done at lunch time) then I’m out that door and doing what I want to do with my time.

Fourth reason: Teaching is a job full of people who are unbelievable and talented. I’ve met some amazing people and friends for life doing this job. I wouldn’t change it for the world because if I hadn’t been subbing I would not have met them.

Fifth and Final reason: I can take a day off during the week if I need to. I just have to book myself off.


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